Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Joan Smalls for Harper's Bazaar UK

When Joan Smalls' image flashed before my Tumblr dashboard I was all giddy with excitement thinking that I couldn't wait until my copy arrived in the mail since Harper's Bazaar is the only fashion magazine that I subscribe to. A woman has to wear her glasses more often after staring at a computer at work and at home all day because my eyes deceived me.

*the sound of screeching tires* Wrong country...this issue is for Harper's Bazaar UK and not the American version of Harper's Bazaar. Either way it's a stunning cover and I'm sure there's an equally stunning photo editorial of the Number One model in the world inside.

I wonder which one my local bookstore will stock, the one with Laetitia Casta or Joan Smalls???

Photo: Harper's Bazaar UK


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