Monday, February 14, 2011



Esperanza Spalding

...She beat out Justin Bieber and Drake for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Raise your hands if you're a fan. I am and I've got every record she has ever recorded to prove it!
Some of us have been fans for a very long time, but last night she has again shown the world exactly who she is without their fanfare and excessive objectification. Even the Obama's are fans.  Esperanza Spalding wasn't on the lips of many them before, but she certainly will now. For some reason or the other there are a lot of people who are so "2000 and Late" due to being smitten with those who the media deems as popular. "Popularity doesn't mean a thing if you don't have any real influence."

If you haven't listened to her before, be sure to check out her latest disc, Chamber Music Society.


Moni @ CL Journal said...

I am a fan, I saw her two years ago at Central Park Summerstage with Ledisi and I was blown away! I had saw her on the Stevie Wonder tribute, but wasn't really feeling her. Seeing her live changed the situation.

My friend had the nerve to tweet: She needs to thank Prince for blowing her up." Now I love my Prince, but I had to correct her, "Honey, she's fierce on her OWN! Prince didn't blow her up, she's a fave of his. Her true fan is President & Mrs. Obama, get it right!"

Congrats to Esperanza! : )

Divalocity said...

That's right, she's an established name on her own. Those of us who enjoy real music and also play musical instruments(I play piano)love and appreciate all kinds of music. Some folks need to get off of the popularity kick and learn to stop following all of this media hype which only serves to make some folks a little wealthier.

There are a lot of artists who don't receive any recognition because of this warped mind-set and those are the artists, actresses and others that I try to promote. I Love me some Ledisi too, but I wish she'd go back to singing Jazz.


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