Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eva Mendes May Have Worn Prada...

...just seven weeks after the show was held in Milan, but Shala Monroque wore another look from the Prada Spring/2011 show right after the show was held, in which I wrote about. NY Magazine ran an article on Eva Mendes stating that she was recently seen in Madrid in support of her new movie wearing this dress from the Prada spring 2011 collection .

Here we have Pop Magazines Editor-at-Large, Shala Monroque wearing a skirt and top from the Prada Spring/2011 probably a few days after the show.

I give credit where credit is due and the so called fashion gods do not dictate to me nor do I believe that they start any trends because it's the "runways" of the streets that start the trends. The men and women without the designer clothes budgets, but with a innate style all their own start and end all fashion trends.

Remember, it's only sheep who follow everyone else and let others define who they are and what they should look like, not leaders. Some folks what us to believe that it's strictly them who can say who has style, who doesn't or who's worthy of being emulated...sorry, but I don't buy into that nonsense.

Photos: Tommy Ton-Getty Images-Monica Feudi


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