Thursday, October 28, 2010

From The Runway To The Street: Trendsetting Shala Monroque in Prada/Spring 2011

J'adore Prada.....................

Shala Monroque: The editor-at-large The Pop magazine, art maven, the original turban wearing diva and trend setting fashion icon is always the first woman to be seen wearing the latest from Prada even before it hits the stores.

What I love most about Shala's style is that it's not contrived or a walking advertisement like some so called style mavens. You'd never know what she's wearing if you don't know the brand and she never boasts about it, she just wears what she loves.

I guess when you let someone else dictate to you what's fashionable then some women will never have a style of their own and she's got a style all her own.

Photos: Monica Feudi
            Tommy Ton

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