Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Original "Bold and the Beautiful"
Pat Evans, Grace Jones and Judith Jamison. These women made their freshly shaved
heads their trademarks and didn't give a care who liked it or not! As a teen
I couldn't help but admire Super Model Pat Evans when I first saw her on the cover of my brother's
record albums and in the pages of earlier copies of Essence magazine.

It takes a special woman to sport the bald look...heck it takes a special woman just to wear her natural hair period! For years we've been wearing everyone else's hair but our own and it's awe inspiring when I see women who say forget the standards of beauty that are imposed upon them and proclaim that they are going to be themselves.

Confidence, self-definition and how you see yourself as a woman and as an individual and of course a bold personality and a style of your own are the characteristics that these lovely ladies possess who pull off this look. As an admirer of all women, confidence is the number one accessory that no woman should ever leave home without and these women simply exude confidence and rock!

From Brazilian singer Adyel Silva to Artist Dawn Okoro, these women and others
like them are the  personification of what it means to be 'The Bold and the Beautiful!"

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Anonymous said...

Since you say you saw Pat Evans on your brother's record covers, I wonder if you mean records your brother owned or records he played on. If it's the latter, I read once that the Ohio Player members themselves were uncomfortable with having her blatantly sexual images on their covers. Maybe you know if that is true or not. I know much fiction has been spun about Ohio Players record covers, especially Honey.


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