Friday, June 4, 2010

Solange Knowles New Spirals Look Great!

                                                                    "Solanges New Look"

I admire Solange because she doesn't back down from anyone or anything. People haven't stopped talking about her since she cut her hair off and decided to be "just Solange" and I'm loving Solange's new hairdo which kind of looks like my hair when it's at it fullest.

I loved her short "Fro" also and this style looks even better on her. Rock on Solange with your bad self! BTW, don't sue me for using the photo! Be sure to check out her cool Blog.


Beauty Is Diverse said...

Solange always has great style.

Anonymous said...

Her looks great and yes she does have her own style. I hate it when people always try to compare her to Beyonce.


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