Saturday, June 12, 2010

One To Watch: Fatima Siad

My daughters like to hide their magazines from me before I read them and I do the same thing to them when it comes to my favorite magazines. I tossed the Cosmopolitan aside because I know longer read it since every article is rehashed from earlier editions. I found the July issue of Marie Claire and flipped through it and was happy to see Fatima Siad in a six-page fashion editorial and she looks fantastic.

Ever since I saw Fatima on ATM I started calling her "Baby Iman" because she resembles the iconic and uber fabulous Iman to me. I can see her career finally taking off because she certainly has "the look" of the fabulous models of the past and the alluring beauty to boot.

"I love this photo and the coat."

On a personal note, I would have loved to see her on the cover, but we all know that "Models" don't grace the covers of fashion magazines anymore because they've been replaced by what ever entertainer is the most popular at the time and this time it's Taylor Swift.
"She is certainly rocking this coat."

All of the photos of the shoot were taken by James Macari.

"Here I am wearing my favorite team jersey."

Now on to the 2010 FIFA World Cup...All I can say is that I wish I was there. I love soccer and this is a sport where everything stops in most of the countries that I've lived in. There is nothing that compares globally to this game and this is a game that brings so many people together regardless of background. After four years of  waiting, the World Cup is finally in South Africa. When I see this happening on the continent, it tells the world that Africa is showing the world it's potential as a world player and this makes me proud.

Sometimes I get so excited about a game, especially when some of my favorite teams are playing that I have to turn to another channel in order not to fall out. Soccer is not as popular as say the NFL because American men look at soccer as being strictly for the kids and for women/girl teams, but this is a serious sport that has yet to catch on here. I've got my thoughts about who will probably win, but I'll wait until the time comes to see who will be in the finals. If you want to see "Eye-Candy" then check out the men who play soccer on a global level.

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Anonymous said...

Fatima is beautiful and she does look like a younger version of Iman.


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