Saturday, June 12, 2010

Need To Hear: Haddy N'jie

"Singer, Haddy N'jie"

If you like listening to Nina Simone then this artist comes the closest in her delivery and sound of Nina with her soft ...fluid vocals and delivery that will have you hitting repeat. Haddy's soulful lyrics need no bells and whistles to evoke strong emotions because her music brings them all together harmoniously.

Haddy Jatou N'jie is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, author and journalist. She holds a degree in journalism from the Oslo University College. Haddy began her television career as a news journalist for NRK. She has since expanded to work on a broader field, and is today recognized as an author, journalist, playwright, musician and a singer. As a solo artist, she has released three albums: White Lies, Welcome Home and World of The Free.

Haddy's and members of the group, Queendom which not only represents Norway, but several African and Caribbean countries as well: Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Trinidad and Gambia.

She has toured the country several times, together with Concerts Norway, and produced several full-night performances with her comedy group Queendom. Check out some of Haddy N'jie's musicand show your love to this wonderful singer by adding her to your music list

Photo: Fredrik Lyngås Pedersen

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