Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet the New Malcolm! Darius McCrary Has Joined The Young and the Restless!

Actor/Singer Darius McCrary

I don't do the celebrity obsession like most people and it's a rarity when I do because I often like to highlight those who hardly receive the press and the accolades from possible fans. While enjoying a few days off I decided to play catch up on a little soap opera action and was shocked to see Darius (Eddie Winslow) McCrary starring in the show as the character Malcolm Winters, a role originated by Shemar Moore. McCrary is no stranger to the cast of Y&R. Darius and Bryton James (Devon) co-starred on Family Matters back in the day, but he is a stranger to daytime television. With a history of acting in film, prime-time television, singing and songwriting under his belt, this marks his first stint on a daytime drama and I'm glad to see the man working.


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