Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Am Legend: Filipina Super Model Anna Bayle

I miss all of the animated fashion shows of the 40's and onto the 90's before militarism on the catwalk took over. I also miss the creativity of the designers of those days who created new looks, unlike most of the designers of today who are copying the designs of the past and trying to past them off as being new designs. We were able to remember certain clothing designs simply because of the models who wore them and we may not have had the money to purchase the couture, they had us wishing we did.

And if you lived in Europe during that time you could go into any store and buy the latest copy of what YSL, Jean Louis-Scherrer, Pierre Balmain, Guy Laroche, Per Spook, Lancetti, Hanae Mori and others were creating to make your own look. The 80's was the age that I came up in and I copied every look that YSL was creating and made it my own and I don't think that any of my friends were over dressed for the clubs in Germany because we knew we were looking good.

Which brings me to Filipina super model, Anna Bayle. Anna Bayle was also a member of the famous and iconic YSL group of  top models and not only did she model for YSL, she was modeling all over Europe and in the USA for several designers. As the video depicts, the lady had a walk out of this world and as a matter of fact all of the models of that era strutted the runways like no other. Enjoy and be sure to check out her fabulous blog.


Tiffany said...

She's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

ferrosh. no one else walks like her


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