Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Man of Style: John Forté

Man of Style: Mr. John Forté  is back on the music scene in a big way and is now wowing audiences right were he left off  after being released from prison on drug charges in 2008. He's paid his debt to society and with the help of Carly Simon,  her son Ben Taylor and Senator Orrin Hatch, John Forté's prison sentence was commuted by President George W. Bush. Today, not only is John serenading his fans with his lyrical content and music, he is also working as an educator at the City College of New York.

I've been a fan of  his ever since he was introduced to the world through the Fugees and it's great to see him back. Whenever anyone of the Fugee Camp made music, I bought it and still do, even if Wyclef Jean is the only one recording music because I love their style. Now that John is back on the scene I decided to buy his latest CD since I already own his previous CD's. I ordered a new copy of his latest music called Stylefree the EP which was released last year. Be sure to show your love and support by purchasing a copy of the CD. Now one can deny that we all miss great music.

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Anonymous said...

I love his new CD! It is the bomb!


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