Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Currently Loving: Destination Iman

Check out Iman’s website-Destination Iman.Click on the photo to learn more.

I follow Rachel Zoe on Tumblr and this info rolled through my dashboard so I had to click and check it out. i Likey!

Fashion icon and mogul Iman has launched her own online magazine, Destination Iman, where we can get a few pointers in the latest beauty products and style that her brand and other brands have to offer the stylish woman.

Have I finally found something that speaks to me---the woman over 40 who is sophisticated, aware, fabulous and has her own identity? While other magazines, either print or digital start off catering to the established and mature women, they quickly abandon us once we build up their brands and revenues in favor of a more youthful market thus rendering us invisible and insignificant.

Can a woman find one that can thrive and coexist with her younger peers on a respectable level?? Anyway, I love what I see thus far and will bookmark her site.

You can follow Destination Iman or connect with Iman at the following places: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Photos: Destination Iman


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