Sunday, July 1, 2012

Man of Style: Menswear Designer Devon Scott

Every menswear fashion week the men bring it and what I mean is that no two men are dressed alike wearing the latest 'It' anything, but are setting trends and inspiring other men (and women) about what to wear. I've lived in Europe so I know that European men are some of the best dressed men on the planet and are among the risk takers when it comes to men's style.

During Milan's Men's Fashion Week menswear designer Devon Scott caught my eye and I'm sure the eye's of several women because every one I follow wanted to know who he was. Devon Scott hails from North Carolina and now lives and works in NYC. His label was established in 2008 and is made in America using Italian tailoring techniques. His collection offers custom made suits, jackets and shirts for the discerning gentleman of impeccable taste and style.

I've heard of Devon before, but since I blog mostly about women and men fashion designers, I basically forgot about blogging about him. I first read about him on the New York Times website, but at Pitti Immagine Uomo he caught my attention again with his style and I'm sure much of what he wore was from his collection: Devon Scott NY.

I love seeing a man who's not afraid to be an individualist and who's not afraid to stand out. What I admire most about him and the other men of African descent who turned the streets of Milan into a style stalk, it was the confidence they showed and the self-respect their imagery presented to the world.
On the streets of Milan: Fashion Designer Devon Scott
Look At That Smile!

We didn't see sagging jeans or any other lack of decency we see on a regular basis, what we saw were grown men who cared about how they presented themselves to the world. My father always said that if a man didn't care how he looked then he doesn't care about anything else and my father always presented his best to the world.

pitti uomo
who is this man? where would i find him?

Devon Scott NY is available at Jeffrey New York.

Photos: Nam/You Just Got Spotted/Vogue Italia


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