Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who Is Marysthell Polanco??

Some of you would probably say she's rocking the "Amber Rose" vibe, but women have been sporting this look way before she was even though of.

Is this the woman who brought down Silvio Berlusconi? One can't read one Italian or British fashion magazine without reading the worlds latest gossip and in my personal opinion it is one huge turn-off. We want to see the clothes and not read about who's sleeping with whom. While reading my favorite Italian websites Marysthell Polanco's photo kept showing up and I thought that she was some kind of Italian politician or something, but after further reading I found out that she's one of the young women that was supposedly involved with the former Italian Prime Minister and media mogul's downfall.

La Polanco in aula al processo Ruby  "Mi travestivo da Boccassini e Obama"
Marysthell is 28 year old beauty from the Dominican Republic who once modeled, sang with the group, Muñecas con Clase and now lives in Italy. Personally I don't know what it is exactly what she does but I guess we can also say she's a show girl and burlesque dancer. Marystchell is engaged and soon to be married to fellow Dominican, Swiss basketball player Westher Molteni and she has stated that Berlusconi will also be a witness at her wedding.

The America media has picked up on the story when she stated that he asked her to dress as President Obama and Italian judge, Ilda Boccassini. To the idiots who are highlighting this story simply because of the mere mention of the presidents name need to go sit down somewhere with that nonsense because it wasn't him, so it doesn't matter!

The woman has great style.


She's a beauty and the Italian paparazzi can't get enough of her.


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