Monday, March 5, 2012


While out and about this weekend my family and I hit the malls and the shopping centers in search for bargains to wear for the upcoming warmer weather. While at the check out counter at Marshall's my daughter told me to look up at the huge poster of Fatima Siad staring down at us. Yes, it was Fatima in an ad campaign for Marshall's and my cashier even knew who she was.

Last year it was Atong Arjok  who was featured in their Spring and Summer campaign now this year it's Fatima along with three other models wearing the latest in summer trends. I'm proud of Fatima because she proves once again that you don't have to finish first in order to shine and shine she has by walking in several designer fashion shows and snagging some of the top advertising campaigns. I started to pull out my phone to snap a photo, but instead I told my daughters that I'll go straight to Marshall's for the photos and of course they had them.

While shopping at some of my favorites stores, I also noticed Ataui Deng for Macy's, Jasmine Tookes for Sephora, Grace Bol for NARS, Fatima for Target, Ajak Deng for Macy's and also Tomiko Fraser Hines for TARGET.

Photos: Marshall's

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