Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who's That Lady???

                                                              "La femme de mystère"

From all of the European shows of last month there is a new woman who has caught my eye and I have yet to read if any of the photo/style bloggers have mentioned her name and what she does. I know she has to work in fashion because she was at all of the major shows, but I don't know who she is. 
* Update: Her name is Azza Yousif and she is a fashion editor and stylist with VOGUE Hommes and VOGUE Paris.

Since I won't be attending any of the shows I'm not that much interested in the collections unless of course some of my favorite models are featured wearing something stunning. My eyes will be zeroed in on the showstopping looks featured on the street and hopefully on this mystery woman. While I do love my photo/style bloggers, many of them are starting to feature the same people over an over again while ignoring the ones who can inspire all of us with their impeccable style. 

The editors of VOGUE China and the other Asian publications are really the ones who are now setting the trends with their show stopping looks. No one is really featuring the women who look like me who we know who are out there and who work in the industry, but aren't getting featured. I love to see Shala, Julia, Tamu and a few others, but I know there are more and I will find them. I've been seriously thinking about setting out to do just that since my children are now on their own and I want to tell the fashion story of every one and not just a few. 

Click away, but click on the best there is and show a little more diversity.  I can truly say the men's shows in Paris and Milan had the best photography ever this year when it showed an array of men in the best of styles which left me smiling from ear to ear.

Photos: The Sartorialist|Tommy Ton|Wayne Tippets|

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