Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's Haute Now: Urban Expressions Accessories

I want this bag to replace the one that I bought thirty years ago at a bargain before inflation hit and was stolen.

But I love these two beauties. The bags are certified vegan and PETA approved. 

I'm always on the hunt for something chic and classic that doesn't cost me an arm or a leg and is well made and affordable. My children have been asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I've been repeating the same old thing. "I want a CHANEL 2.55 bag for Christmas." Imagine the number of side-eyes I kept receiving with that comment.

After much prodding and pleading, I told my girls to get me whatever they thought I liked and I'll take care of the bag issue. We hit up our local MARSHALL'S to see what goodies they had and lo and behold I found the perfect bag's. I've never heard of URBAN EXPRESSIONS before but I wish that I could have every color they had in the store. I saw two that I really liked and couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted, so I bought them both. Urban Expressions is also available at most boutiques and stores in your areas and the following web retailers:, and

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or are searching for the perfect birthday gift for a friend, these stores like MARSHALL'S, ROSS, T.J. MAXX, etc. have the ultimate deals and steals if your looking for chic dresses and so much more.

I know where to go to get the best bargains to save money. What are some of your best-kept shopping secrets?

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