Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fashion Fair Cosmetics Reclaims It's Territory On The Cosmetics Landscape

It's great to see Fashion Fair Cosmetics re-establishing their brand and hopefully finding a newer audience for their products. I'll never forget one time when I was on Twitter and we were talking about cosmetics and I mentioned Fashion Fair and a make-up artist totally dissed the company. She said they had no market presence and that they were no longer relevant. 

I kept playing that Twitter exchange in my head over and over and in a way she was right because they hardly did any more advertising or promotions. I asked her what would she do differently if she was named creative director? No exchange there because she said it wasn't important. It also left me thinking is this what happens to all minority owned products? No presence. No relevance. No appeal to a younger consumer?

Even in a world full of several brands of cosmetics to choose from, I still support the brand even though I buy what appeals to me from CHANEL on down. I learned a very, very, very long time ago that I don't have to spend tons of money on cosmetics when all I need is a touch of color. Their sable pressed powder has never let me down and I also noticed that ESSENCE and even O-Magazine still feature Fashion Fair products in their cosmetics articles. 

Fashion Fair was and still is a high-end cosmetics brand created specifically for women of color when no one else was catering to us and they still are a high quality product worthy of a second look by all women regardless of your hue.

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