Thursday, July 7, 2011

Currently Crushing On Apple Bottoms Maxi Dresses

Leave it up to some people who say there's no market for so called urban fashions...well this proves them wrong again. I don't think of Apple Bottoms as urban, but one that appeals to the masses who are in search of affordable and well-made clothing and I'm sure Nelly does too.
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I haven't seen any ads for Nelly's Apple Bottoms lately and wondered if the brand had disappeared until I saw this beautiful dress on Confessions of a blog Vixen. Btw, be sure to check out her lovely blog.

Maxi dresses were one of the biggest trends worn during this years EMF and I packed at least two myself, but I had been looking for a tie-dyed one for a while and zeroed right in on this one.

Nelly's Apple Bottom brand has been thriving for quite some time and is still quite successful, even without the support of those who think that they are above the brand. Apple Bottoms is available exclusively at Macy's, Dr. Jays and on their website. Sizes are also available for women with curves.

Photos: Macy's and WESTNDNBEAUTY 

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