Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Best of the 2011 MET BALL

Last night's Costume Institute Gala Met Ball 2011 was supposed to be inspired by the work of Alexander McQueen, to me it was anything but. I wanted to see drama and the decadence that McQueen was known for as a designer and I hardly saw any of it.

Those who wore McQueen stayed true to form and I'm sure there were other women who were wearing McQueen that we didn't see due to the medias obsession with popular celebrities who we often see plastered all over the place.

Personally, I get tired of seeing the same people over and over again. Sure, some of those same celebrities who are guilty of this offense are featured in this photo, but they gave the event a little "wow" factor if nothing else.The Costume Institute Gala was often a must see event, now it's been hijacked by popular culture much like everything else has.

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