Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hecho En Colombia: Gloria "Goyo" Martinez of ChocQuib Town

Gloria " Goyo" Martinez of the group, ChocQuib Town:

Their name is made up of the area of where they're from, their province, Choco (Choh-KOH),  and its capital, Quibdo (Keeb-DOH).

There are parts of Colombia that greets it's visitors with a kiss on both cheeks that say welcome home to African culture outside of Africa and El Chocó certainly does that. El Chocó is inhabited predominantly by the descendants of Africans brought to Colombia by the Spanish Colonizers.

Chocquib Town is a hip-hop trio from Colombia's Chocó region. Their song "De Donde Vengo Yo" (Where I Come From), won the Latin Grammy as Best Alternative Song in 2010, the song is a no-holds bared depiction of the life that occurs for people of African descent who live in the region who the media doesn't talk about; those who have lived on the land for centuries and who are now being run off of it and exploited for it's vasts resources of gold and platinum.

The members of ChocQuibTown is comprised of Slow, and his sister Goyo and her husband Tostao who formed the group in 2000. Their music is fused with traditional rhythms of the northern Pacific coast with a dose of urban hip-hop, salsa and other genres consisting of funk to reggae.

Their Grammy-nominated album "Oro" (Gold) takes on the exploitative nature of the gold trade because most Chocoanos who mine it barely make a living from it. To learn more check out their website here.

Photos: Revista Fucsia

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