Monday, April 25, 2011

A Fashionable Life: Tamu McPherson

"Standing Tall"

Tamu McPherson is one of fashions favorite street blogger's and she's also a favorite of mine who proves that fashion isn't just for the birds. As the writer and photographer of her blog, "All the Pretty Birds," Tamu is a stylish inspiration herself and personally, I find her just as stylish as many of the subjects she's known to photograph.

"Chic Enough to Beat the Cold"

I love her style because she has that air of sophistication and elegance about her that shows a simple yet elegant style without a logo intact unless it's an easily recognizable designer handbag or back pack.

Tamu not only catches the styles and trends of Europe before they hit the states, she is a subject all by herself often introducing a modern woman's view of fashion from ladylike luxury, to glamorous masculine tailoring. As a trendsetter she's known to inject pops of color into neutral palettes here and there with fabulous finishes. Tamu never disappoints.

Jamaica born, and New York bred, Tamu now lives in Milan with her husband and son.
You can learn more about Tamu here and here.

Photos: Mr. Newton|Tommy Ton|Hanneli Mustaparta

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