Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 SPFW: Reinaldo Lourenço

Reinaldo Lourenço presented another one of his most elegant collections at the start of SPFW in a color palette of black and white with one or two print dresses. Known for his innovative silhouettes and expert use of fabrics, Lourenço featured embellished creations embroidered with thousand's of pearls, to include both the shoes and the handbags. He has mastered the use of leather in all of his designs which reminds me of Chado Ralph Rucci when it comes to incorporating leather with delicate tulle.

They say that YSL invented the tuxedo jacket for evening, he remade the jacket knee-length done in black and white. The collection is both, sophisticated and luxurious, because of the use of mink collars and intricately woven leather workmanship. I need to find out which stores carry Reinaldo Lourenço in the USA because I love what I see.
Photos: Charles Naseh

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