Thursday, May 13, 2010

Self Love...

...There's nothing like it!
As women we're still involved in personal relationships with ourselves and are now learning to love everything that we used to loathe about ourselves. Some of us have built fortresses around us because we've found it easier than being rejected.

Our hair. Our bodies. Our skin colors. Our luscious lips. Some say our butts are God's gift to blue jeans and no ones looking for a pair to diminish all that you were born with; those injections or implants don't count. Those curves that we can't seem to lose by excessive dieting and exercise don't seem to be moving either, so dress them up in the best colors you can find.

Our lips are waiting to glossed with the simplest of lip balms or berry hued lipsticks, and again injections don't count because if you had to buy ain't right!

And the hair! Who has hair that can be woven into intricate braids? Molded into any style that fits our hearts desire? Honey... we do!

For some women learning to love our whole selves has caused many women a lifetime of unnecessary grief. In all honesty we all know where are most greatest pain has come from when it comes to accepting our true selves and I don't need to tell any of you.

We live in a society that celebrates and exalts one standard  of beauty by negating our own and many of us have bought into this mind-set. The hurtful words used as assaults against us from our own and others is nothing but a reflection of who they are and what they feel and it's not any of our business.

Acceptance of our own beauty has often eluded us and our people for decades, now we're in the process of reclaiming all which has been lost. Even if no one else is heralding our physical charms we must learn to define and cherish our own unique beauty everyday while we're still alive.

After viewing this film I can no longer provide free advertisement's and sing the praises of clothing designers who don't even feature anyone who looks like me or considers me as a customer. We've got to find a sense of consciousness and this is no better time to find one than now. This is 2010 and this sad, no wonder so many women are still messed up in the head!

All of which we've done to attempt to hide, camouflage, diminish, erase, disguise, and reject who we are will be no more. I realised a very long time ago who I was and there's no turning back now because we have so many powerful memories and knew so much pain. These women who were once wounded little girls are wounded no more because they now have dusted themselves off and the battle is now over because they will be the only ones defining who they are from now on.
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Chic Therapy said...

i loved this post so much.All the points you raised is the truth!off to watch the video

Anonymous said...

This is 2010 and I can't believe this nonsense is still going on. I guess it'll be with us until the end of time. Loving the post!

Anna Renee said...

I'm one of the dusted off ones!
I'm thinking: God has given us a unique beauty, unlike anybody else's. It's our gift from Him. He must have thought us extra special, for giving us our hair type, our full lips, hips, butts, bellies and breasts!! Everything on us is round and full!! But instead of praising the Lord, we cursed Him for our gift! And we don't realize the value until we're 40 and 50 plus years old!! This is nothing but WRONG!
Thank you, Diva, once again for the reminder!!

Divalocity said...

Thank you all for commenting.
@Anna Renee, I understand your point indeed, but I had a Mama who reinforced the idea that I was beautiful and I never let anyone take away the words that she told me. When I walked out of our front door it was a whole different story, but I paid them no mind because Mama and Daddy's words carried the real weight for me. I guess I can say that I've never needed anyone's approval but that of myself, my parents and my creator.


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