Sunday, May 30, 2010

Latinas With A Fierce Fashion Sense...

Colombian Singer Erika Muñoz

... and the gift of song puts Erika Muñoz and Concha Buika in a league by themselves. Erika is greatly influenced by the music of Angélique Kidjo and Colombia's own música embassadora, Totó la Momposina as a way of returning to her African roots using the traditional instruments of percussion, maracas, and bass drums.

Erika's idol-Totó la Momposina

Her music is a mix of Afro-Colombian rhythms and Congolese soukous delivered with her beautiful voice which closes all emotional distance between her and the listener.

Erika is a native of Barranquilla, but tours all over the world giving her listeners the sounds of the palenqueros who live along the Caribbean region of Colombia. To learn more about Erika Muñoz, click here.


Concha Buika is Spain's primera señora of "Nuevo Flamenco"  who blends her smoky voice into a enthralling instrument that produces jazz, soul, traditional coplas and bulerías. It's like hearing the blues, but only in can still feel the deep passion in her voice.

Concha was born on the Spanish island of Mallorca to parents from Equatorial Guinea and now resides in Madrid.
Buika's first major tour kicks off Oct. 15 in Chicago and ends Nov. 20 of this year in Miami. To learn more about Concha Buika, click here.


Beauty Is Diverse said...

Thanks for all the info.

Marona said...

Buika is coming to the Mondavi Center. I can't wait to see her! I want to know more about her and Erika.


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