Thursday, May 20, 2010

Koku Gonza: Reaching For The Sky

I'm sure when Koku Gonza sings, people listen. When she plays her guitar, I'm sure people are in awe of her talented ability. Her songs are well written and are a cut above the corny music that's out here disguised as music today. Her understated lyrics come across with a sense of believability that any one can connect with. Success comes only to those whose hearts, souls and minds are in sync with each other and in due time the world will know who she is. Once you hear her music, you won't want to talk. You'll just want to listen.

Influenced by two musicians in her life. Her father a Tanzanian guitarist and songwriter, exposed her to Tanzanian music and her mother a flute/sax/keyboard player from the U.S. exposed her to Jazz, Classical and Gospel music. Her father was a known song writer in Tanzania. So, naturally she is inclined to the creativity of combining various styles. At young age Koku learned how to play and piano, and like most singers sung in the Gospel and Classical children's choir.

While attending college, Koku Gonza studied music production and song writing at Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington before deciding with true faith to pursue a career in the music industry. Her love for the guitar has resulted in mandatory accompaniment with most of her songs, but she works with different instruments to create her unique sound. Koku currently resides in Chicago, IL.

To learn more about Koko click here. To hear more of her beautiful music click here.
(Photos: The Artist)

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