Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Janet Jackson Says Good-Bye To...and Hello To Style!

I'm Loving The New 'Do' Janet!

Janet Jackson's New Hairdo

...The unecessary hair and cuts it off, other wise known as the Big Chop. One way to celebrate a birthday and I can honestly say that I've done that myself quite a few times, especially after turning thirty years ago. When a woman becomes over 40 and fab, it's not about the hair, it's all about surviving and self-definition. We tend to not give a (fill in the blank) about what anyone thinks and I'm sure Miss Jackson doesn't either.

Removing the weaves and things is one of the most liberating things that a black woman can do. "Go head Miss Jackson with your bad self!"

And please gossip bloggers spare us the crap as if Miss Jackson is going through some changes or something! The only thing she's feeling right now is her freedom to be just who she is!
(Photos: Pacific Coast News)

Thanks to ChicChocolate Blog for the info.


Moni @ CL Journal said...

I'm loving it!!!

Yes! After 40 you CANNOT be bothered!

Go Ms. Jackson!

Ok, I'm gonna big chop this weekend! LOL!

Anna Renee said...

AAAAGGHHH!!! Not Janet too!? This real hair thing is catching on hot FIYAH!! You go girl!! Janet Jackson done cut off that stuff!! I'm so impressed! And she looks good too! SIGH!! I'm so feeling us sisters right about NOW!! Pretty soon the weave business will be out of business!! Ha ha HA!

Anonymous said...

As a 55 year old woman I must say that I'm inspired more than ever to cut this mess off of my head! Every year it's the same old thing: perm-fall out-perm fall out! Hell! I'm gonna wear my own hair from now on too! Damn those weaves and things that's making someone else rich and leaving me "broken" in spirit while having me living a miserable lie! You natural hair websites are the truth!G.J.

ProperPosture said...

This is really great im loving the hair!


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