Saturday, April 3, 2010

Singer Chrisette Michele Did The Big Chop

"I was tired of black sista's feeling subject to having their hair pressed and straightened, and damaged, with relaxers, and heat. So I wanted to make short and nappy hair fashionable, and let the industry know that there is nothing wrong with the texture that we have been born with. So I plan to grow it out to the big beautiful nappy hair that I have."
 ~Singer Chrisette Michele

I don't know what Natural Hair Blog I was on, but I remember a reader stating that she wished more prominent celebrities would start wearing their hair natural. Why she felt this way I really don't know, but I don't look to other's to validate my existence and how I should live my life nor be the only deciding factor on what I should do to determine the choices that I may make.

Chrisette Michele won't garner the press as Solange Knowles did because she's not one of the celebrity's that they seem to write about and she's definitely talented and can sing her butt off, but she's without scandal and hasn't received the attention the way the others have. Sure she'll receive her fair share of negative criticism from the negative individuals, and that's cool too because no one really cares what they think.

It's great to see Chrisette Michele join thousands of women who are just tired of struggling with their hair and trying to make it do something that it's not suppose to be. Eventually she'll get comfortable wearing her hair out instead of covering it up the way she has done here...she simply just needs to wear it out and be free. Anyway I'm proud of her... so welcome on home. Thanks to The New Kidz for the link and info. Check out their blog for the latest on celebrity news and lifestyles.
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THEBYBLE said...

oh! I AM very surprise, it's a nice choice ^^
she is very beautiful


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