Friday, April 2, 2010

I Am. You Are. We Are. First Woman

Our Body's Are Our Fashion Studios.
Each Of Us Is A Model.
The Streets Are Our Runways.
We Have Always Been In Color.
We Don't Copy Trendsetters. They Copy Us.
With Nature We Create Our Own Looks.
We Know How To Make A Statement Without Saying A Word.
Whether We Choose Black Or Almond Mocha, Our Colors Still Look Natural.
Our Hair Is Our Crowning Glory And Ain't Nothing Wrong With It.
Our Hair Is As Original As The Rest Of Us.
Our Beauty Is Royal. We Must Honor Ourselves On A Daily Basis To Turn Around The Devaluation.
The Fashion Experts Can Not Dictate To Us As To What We Should Wear.
We Wear What We Want To Without A Care.
Confidence, Affirmation And A Smile Are the Only Accessory's We Need To Wear.
Our Richness And Grace Are Basic Necessity's.
I Don't Need A Label Attached To My Humanity, That Alone Says Enough.
For Us Age Is Not Chronological Or No Longer Relevant.
Just As Long We're Still Living Is Always A Plus.
My Size is Not Important Just As Long As I'm A Size Beautiful.
Life Has Many Ups And Downs, But We Keep Moving On.
Our Roots Are Still Deeply Rooted In Africa Regardless Of Where They Are Replanted.
The Truth Is Not Outward, But Within. Do Not Listen To Those Who Teach You To Forget.
Relearn The Language Of The Soul. The Spirit Always Guides. Are You Listening?
Life Is Change. To Resist Life Is To Work Against It.
I Am. You Are. We Are. A First Woman.
One Look Says It All.
Our Impeccable Style Has Inspired The World.
Why Try To Fit In When We Already Stand Out?
Stand Out And Stand Proud!

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