Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Moment In Afro Her-story: Fashion Journalist Teri Agins

'Fashion Journalist Teri Agins in her Afro years-Circa 1977'

"Before Marsha (Hunt that is), I had no idea that a hairdo could be so
revolutionary or politically charged."

While reading this months VOGUE, I came across this interesting article that former WSJ fashion journalist, Teri Agins wrote about during her "Afro years", titled: High Hopes. In the article she takes a look back at the revolutionary woman who inspired her to go from groomed to groovy- actress, author and singer Marsha Hunt.

                                    Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt is a Philadelphia born singer/actress who migrated to London in the 70's to launch her singing career and set London ablaze with her beauty and talent -who also once dated Mick Jagger.

For those of us who came up in the 70's era- we know about the pride and freedom we felt when we wore our hair in our "teeny weeny Afros" or that huge 'Bush" we were all trying to grow. We knew that the bigger the Afro was- the more complements we'd get from our peers and so did she.

Teri says that wearing the Afro has instilled pride, a sense of style and the freedom to be to a new generation of women who are now redefining their own standards of beauty.

"Gotta Love The Afro In All Of It's Magnificent Glory"

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