Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Head Wrap Is Not A Trend!

While perusing the web this morning I spent a little time of NY Magazines website "The Cut" and they were talking about some of the details and looks from designer Jean Paul Gaultier's recently held 2010Fall/Winter collection. While looking through most of the collection I came across the looks below:

"Models Wearing Head Wraps From Gaultier's 2010 Fall/Winter Collection"

Seeing these head wraps kind of annoyed  me at first because there are a lot of us who are afraid to accept our own standards of beauty and once the mainstream gives it the go ahead it's then okay to wear them. Maybe he was paying his own homage to African culture and if he was I definitely appreciate it.

"There is Nothing Like A Beautiful Head Wrap"

Well...I still wear mine regardless and so do a lot of other women. I wear mine all year long depending on the outfit and those head wraps are made out of some of the best Senegalese fabric on the planet, which kept may head warm through many German Winters. See, ladies what some of you think is not fashionable to show your cultural pride others admire it too... they just won't tell you that they admire our beauty.

I'm kind of tired of hearing the words exotic, primal, animal, jungle, safari, nomadic, tribal, primitive and third world when describing African, Indian and Asian fashion influences. There's nothing primitive about any of our cultures so the word to best describe these aesthetics is the word beautiful. There's nothing exotic about any of us other than we don't look like them- have our own beliefs of beauty and style... we may be different physically but we also belong to humanity.

Thou shall love thy head wrap...


SistarJay said...

Sitting here in the office with my head all wrapped up I fully appreciate another sistar telling it like it is...Its not exotic nor primal...its simply me...don't see me as abnormal because I wear what I feel perfectly comfortable headwrap is a part of me...I adore it and I adore the fact that I know I do not have to conform to what society say is "normal beauty" headwrap rocks.

Yetunde said...

Being a Nigerian born/partly raised sista, I grew up seeing headwraps everywhere around me. Even in the deep in cornfields of Ohio, I see beautiful fellow Africans here proudly rocking the headwrap. They wear it with traditional garb, but I tend to mix it up with my jeans and t-shirts, but to each her own.


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