Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We've all heard the phrase "BYOB" so why not start using, B.Y.O.C. which means Bring Your Own Condom! That's right ladies, have your own condoms readily available if you're sexually active. HIV/AIDS is growing at alarming rates within our communities and women in the age bracket of 40 and over are becoming the new faces of this atrocity. How did we get here?

No one wants to acknowledge the real reasons behind this rise, so I will. And that is: women aren't demanding that their partners practice safe-sex by using condoms and other protective measures; they don't know much about the mans sexual history and they certainly don't know, nor do they ask about his HIV/AIDS Status.

Ensure that you are both tested regularly and if he declines to give out any information about his sexual history, do not proceed to the next phase, run and don't look back! Would you rather be alone, than alone in a isolated hospital room?

I had a co-worker ask me what kind of birth control did I use? I told her *abstinence* because it's the best there is on the market. The possibility of getting the disease has terrified me enough to remove myself from the dating arena. Smart women practice safe sex measures because she knows that her life depends on it.

To find out more information check here and here.

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