Saturday, October 31, 2009

There's A Revolution Going On!

My daughter and I. Even Barbie is getting in on the "Natural Hair Revolution."

Face it people, like it or not- there's a revolution going on and many women are now embracing their own standards of beauty. Chris Rock and other's have again opened up the dialogue when it comes to our hair and it's time that we be the ones responsible for setting the standards. We've been letting others define who we are as women for a long time and it's about time that we change that option.

We have to take possession of our own standards of beauty and this message includes all women. I can't believe the comments I hear from women who are visibly beautiful, but don't believe they are because they don't have the features of women from the mainstream culture.

This liberating movement has nothing to do with equal rights, but more so about independence. Independence for women of African descent who are now embracing the hair that they're born with and loving it. The passion is spreading everywhere, from the streets and to the boardrooms. I'm noticing this every where that I go now, whether in public and on the web that many women are throwing up their hands and saying they no longer accept the beauty standards of others and are no longer being dependent on the judgement from others to define themselves.

There's nothing like the feeling of freeing your psyche from the opinion's of others. You begin to let go of a lot of damaging thoughts and begin to live the life that is meant for you. The what will people think? Is gone. We're not relying on hair simply as a measure for being successful, because when we do this we dismiss our intellectual contributions to the world. The deal is, we are no longer being defined by our hair and thinking this is what makes us attractive and acceptable.

This is not about convenience, damaged hair, low maintenance, and rebellion, it's about "Freedom!" Freedom to be exactly who we are! Confidence is still the best accessory that any woman can wear. Each and everyone of us knows about and understands the importance of self-love, but we must manifest this power within us and have the courage to face who we really are.

How are other's suppose to embrace our beauty when we don't embrace it and celebrate it ourselves? Denying the truth about how we feel about ourselves is what darkens so many lives, it prohibits self-love and self-acceptance which further prolongs our actual healing. Our shame and rejection of our heritage, betrays our own trust. What we don't see in ourselves, we wait for it to come from others. Loving yourself means to be your best, give your best and never compromise. Again it's about choice and I choose to wear my hair the way it grows from scalp.

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Anna Renee said...

Amen! It is a revolution and it's facilitated by the blogosphere! How many sisters have been encouraged by reading others' blogs about transitioning to natural hair? It's glorious and as I said in one of my posts, either you join in or it's gonna roll over you!


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