Monday, January 16, 2017

A Revolutionary Love: Rog and Bee Walker For ESSENCE February 2017

"Talk about a Revolutionary Love!"

I’m just now getting around to reading the February 2017 issue of Essence magazine online and this editorial featuring some of my favorite creatives, Rog and Bee Walker made me stop in my tracks. 
I went to Jamaica and other Caribbean nations in May of last year and I had an epiphany whereas I have no desire to read any mainstream magazines anymore. I didn't want to buy any of the paper ones and I couldn't even muster up the strength to look at the ones I subscribe to online.

With all of our beauty and style being positively presented online ( these two are a part of that revolution) on various platforms, I don’t even need to read or see anything they’re saying or talking about. The aesthetics alone are enough for me.

Photographer Credit: DeAndre da Costa
Fashion Director: Julee Wilson



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