Friday, September 6, 2013

ESSENCE MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2013: Actresses Viola Davis and Danai Gurira Wow!

I feel like I've been down this path before writing about some of my favorite magazine issues, either way, it's something that I love to do. I've got to celebrate our beauty whenever I find it.

Actress Viola Davis looks beautiful on the cover of the October issue of Essence Magazine and the inside of the issue is chock full of several goodies for the eyes, complete with outstanding editorials that beg to be read.

Lets get back to Viola...all I can think of is, wow!!! She nailed this cover which was photographed by Nino Muñoz. The jewel colors look so elegant and radiant against her richly hued skin.


It pays to subscribe to your favorite magazines and my digital issue arrived in time. 

I almost died and went to beauty heaven when I clicked on the editorial featuring another beauty that I admire, actress, Danai Gurira.
They're right when the titled this: "Nobdy Can Danai" 
"Only fools attempt to deny our true beauty."

Danai rocked what appears to be sumptuous leathers with just the right amount of styling by, Jason Rembert, without the overkill as in  previous editorials that I've seen. Her beauty was captured by Gomillion and Leupold.
"It's all about self-love and the right to walk in this world the way we were created."
~ Actress Danai Gurira




Photos/Viola Davis: Nino Muñoz
Styling: Robert Behar

Photos/Danai Gurira: Gomillion and Leupold
Styling: Jason Rembert

I know that I didn't photograph these photos, but if you're going to take them, at least credit the source where you got them from.

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