Friday, June 7, 2013

Absolutely Stunning: Kinée Diouf For VOGUE Netherlands July 2013

In this era of celebrity fashion magazine covers, it's refreshing and exciting to see a model grace a magazine cover in a stunning photograph that catches the eye and photographer Ishi did just that. His brililance and eye for color captured Kinée Diouf's beauty just right for the July 2013 issue of VOGUE Nederland/Netherlands.

All I can think of is that I want to see more covers like this. Hint, hint: American fashion magazines take note because we're tired of seeing the celebrity covers.

This Is What Beautiful Magazine Covers Look Like!

Hair: Leslie Thibaud / Airport Agency
Makeup: Phophie Mathias / Marie-France Thavonekham
Fashion Editor: Marije Goekoop
Photographer: Ishi

1 comment:

Angie B. said...

Some of the poses (& the edgy fade) give off that fierce Grace Jones-like vibe, plus funky, flowy, and straight up regal looks. The colors are gorgeous. Love it!


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