Saturday, October 6, 2012

Need To Hear: Josephine Oniyama

Singer Josephine Oniyama
Looking for something worth listening to instead of whats on the radio these days? Something original? Well, let me introduce you to Manchester, England based singer Josephine Oniyama. Josephine is not a "Pop Tart" as are most of the singers out there today, she sings from the soul and that's what we need to hear more of these days. Josephine's new album "Portrait" will be released on 16 Oct 12 on iTunes and, singles are available now.
Singer Josephine Oniyama

What we need more of are lyrics with a message, with feeling and song along with beautiful music. Hopefully this beautiful woman won't get obscured by the over hyped singers out today who don't have any real talent, but just the right look and a gimmick.
Josephine Oniyama

The Beautiful Josephine Oniyama
Josephine Oniyama is a beautiful Afrolista.

To learn about Josephine Oniyama click here and here. Follow her on You Tube.

Photos: Josephine Oniyama


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