Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey Goes Au Naturel For The September Issue of O The Oprah Magazine

Oprah sports her massive Afro on the cover of O The Oprah Magazine's September issue 

“They say a little change never hurt anybody. In fact, I believe that’s an understatement: I’ve found that a little change make a world of difference, and I’m always amazed by how easy it is to brighten things up with a little tweak. (Like, say, wearing your hair au naturel, as I did on this month’s cover.) ~Oprah Winfrey .

Once I saw the cover I smiled from ear to ear. As a woman who has been au naturel for four decades it's refreshing to see more and more women embrace their natural hair texture and wear it with confidence. Sure, some of you will say it's so superficial, but I deal in the superficial and I also "deal-n-truth" on my own terms.

A lot of women look up to celebrities for inspiration and for some kind of validation in the choices that they make when it comes to their appearance, sorry, but that's not my thing. If I like your style, I like your style and I will always have my own personal style and not copy anyone else's.

I've read several blogs dedicated to natural hair who confirm this statement when some write that they'd like to see more prominent women wear their hair in it's natural state in hopes that it would be more acceptable for them to wear a natural hairstyle with confidence and be readily accepted from their peers and co-workers. The problem doesn't lie with your peers or co-workers, the problem is basically an individual problem that goes much deeper than that.

The real problem is that the psychological damage that so many women suffer from will not change a thing until they learn to embrace what they were born with before they look to a society who they think will accept them. The problem actually lies within before another human being will accept you and no one will accept you until you accept yourselves. Stop looking for external forces to accept you and begin to accept yourselves just the way you are. I don't base my life on what other people think of me and women just don't understand how freeing it is to be free from the opinions of others.

Oprah looks beautiful either way she chooses to wear her hair. Rock On Oprah!


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