Sunday, April 8, 2012

O Magazine Celebrates The Trailblazing Models of Versailles

My mouth dropped when I flipped through my May issue of O Magazine and saw the caption that said they were honoring some of the models who were on that catwalk in Paris on November 1973 for the "Battle of Versailles" as it's called in fashion circles and is also known as Le 1973 Grand Divertissement à Versailles.

In this issue Pat Cleveland, Bethann Hardison and Alva Chinn are featured in a stunning editorial (The Bold and the Beautiful)complete with historical facts and other photos(mine included)of this historical day. Not only are these three legendary "Super Models" by themselves in this gorgeous editorial, top models Kinée Diouf, Jaunel McKenzie and Shelby Coleman are also featured . Famed photographer Lorenzo Agius captured the beauty and style of each of these women wearing the latest in glamorous looks.

I'm kind of shock that Gail King claims that she never heard of any of these women before she presented them with their Huffington Post's Game Changers award. How did she miss them when they were all over and inside the covers of Essence and Ebony magazines and also featured in VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and Mademoiselle magazines which I'm sure she read during our time frame? Either way, be sure to get your copy if you don't already subscribe to O Magazine so that you can check it out and read their inspiring story. I'm looking forward to the documentary on this historical feat.

Fashion Editor: Andrew Holden.
Hair: Peter Butler.
Makeup: Paul Innis for Avon at Maxine Tall Management.
Manicure: Roseann Singleton for Chanel at Art Department. 
Prop Stylist: Steven Nassimos.

Photos: From my Blackberry because I don't tear up my magazines to scan anything.


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