Friday, February 17, 2012

A Moment In Afro Herstory: Professor Kathleen Cleaver

By Any Means Necessary!
Professor Kathleen Cleaver is a well known activist and educator in World Herstory and I'm only using this stunning photo as an example of our beauty and what I'm willing to do to protect it and control the images and identity of the woman of African ancestry.

I'm going to protect it at all costs and I'm going to celebrate our diverse beauty as it is distributed all around the globe. I'm not going to be a cultural imperialist and think of my people from other parts of the African Diaspora as less than and unworthy of emulation and reverence. Those of you who feel you can't relate to your family from another part of the Diaspora choose not to because you simply don't want to.

Most of us are still in search of an identity that was basically denied to us here in that is simply regulated by and to some psychologically validated by that of the dominant culture. Many of you are now rediscovering the beauty and rich culture that truly is ours. MAMA AFRIKA'S progeny is beautiful in every aspect of the word and if you can't see it, it's only because you're either blinded by self-hatred or hate all together!

It's sad that even in this century there are still people of AFRICAN ancestry who are embarrassed and still opposed to anything that reminds them of their African ancestry. There are a lot of great things that I have seen in my years on this earth and I hope before I die that I'm able to see the pride in which our people exhibit by showing pride of their origins.

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