Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Individuality Is A Beautiful Thing!!!

I love being me. I love people who aren't afraid to be their human selves. I admire people who aren't afraid of being themselves. I greatly admire people, especially women who don't measure themselves against the success of another woman. I love people who define and validate their own lives without the need from others.

Individuality can be a beautiful thing if more people were willing to be courageous enough to just be.

The sad reality is that individuality isn't even encouraged, nor is it allowed or even recommended. Ironically, individuality is not one of those character traits shared by everyone.

Fit in at any cost. Conform at any cost. Never stand out. I was told that I was born to stand out and I passed this same trait on to my own children. Laugh at the individual who chooses to walk to their own drumbeat all you want to but they are brave souls in a sea of cowards.

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