Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Documentary: Le 1973 Grand Divertissement à Versailles

Pat Cleveland, Billie Blair, Amina Warsuma and the other models take center stage at Le 1973 Grand Divertissement à Versailles.

I can now finally add to my ever growing collection of fashion documentaries and books something that is truly a reflection of me. Something from the women who have inspired me most of my life with their incomparable beauty and style. Le 1973 Grand Divertissement à Versailles is now being made into a documentary for all the world to see and fashion lovers and historians everywhere will now see all of the hard work and sacrifices these women endured to show the world that they too could be just as stylish, glamorous and just as elegant as the next woman.

The documentary, Versailles ‘73: American Runway Revolution is directed by Deborah Riley Draper and is also produced by Deborah Riley Draper, Caralene Robinson, and Michael A. Draper for Coffee Bluff Pictures. Once this documentary hits theaters, please go out and support this legendary film.

Photo: SIPA

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