Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The New and Improved Fashion Fair Cosmetics Brand

One of Fashion Fair Cosmetics latest advertisements.

Fashion Fair Cosmetics has named Sam Fine as their newest Creative Makeup Director and I'm sure he's got great ideas in store for the brand. Like I said before in a post about Fashion Fair Cosmetics, I still buy the brand because it works for me and I buy them all from Chanel on down because each brand has something that I like. For Fashion Fair it's their cream to powder and lip sticks. Most younger women prefer brands like MAC and so on, but since my skin is richly hued I find the best products in IMAN Cosmetics, Cover Girl Queen Collection and thre Black Radiance Collection. I've got to give it to Linda Johnson Rice for having her best friend on board the JPC,  because Desiree Rogers is a marketing genius. 

Photo: Fashion Fair Cosmetics
Source: PR News Wire

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