Friday, August 19, 2011

Defining Fabulous: Super Model Jany Tomba

IloveJANY from Fernando Teixeira on Vimeo.
Jany Tomba was and still is an inspiration to me.


Supermodel Jany Tomba, Magazines from 1969 to 1991
I still have almost all of my Essence magazines which featured her on the covers.

As a teenager I grew up reading the magazines which featured Jany Tomba and another model named Marcia Turnier who were both Haitian born models. From Madamemoiselle, Glamour, Ebony and especially Essence magazine, you saw their beautiful images and what a boost did these ladies add to my already existing confidence. This documentary is a refreshing relief from all of the other documentaries out there who only hold on to the pain by relieving the past.

I've got thousands of pictures for possible blog posts in my hard drive and yes I've also have been saving several of them to write about to include one about Jany Tomba. I saw this lovely feature on VOGUE Italia today about a documentary that her niece, Sasha Huber has created to honor her and I think a lot of people should see this inspirational video titled, I Love Jany

I don't know what happened through the years to black women, but somehow along the way many women lost their self-esteems by leaving the definition up to other people and all I can say thank goodness that so many women are now reclaiming something that is rightfully theirs. 
Thank you Jany for being an inspiration.

To me any model who graces the pages of any magazine is a "Super Model" in my eyes.  

Photos: Jany Tomba

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