Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Woman of Style: Fashion Editor Virginie Dhello

Being the go-to woman for the likes of Air France Madame and previously working for fashion heavyweights such as L'Officiel, Glamour, Tank, Surface and several other French fashion magazines, it's not surprising that Virginie speaks about fashion in terms we all can relate to.  

As the fashion editor for Air France Madame, Virginie is a fixture on the front row ensuring that the stylish women who read Air France Madame are always in the know about the latest trends in travel, accessories and clothing. Virginie also has one of the best fashion blogs in the blogosphere that I've now become a fan of, Vee Post which satisfies my appetite for the best in European style, inspiration and innovation.

Dans le dressing de Virginie Dhello

Photos: Glamour France and VOGUE PARIS

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