Sunday, July 31, 2011

Defining Fabulous: Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy of Mother's Finest

What do you get when you cross Funk with Rock & Roll? You get Mother's Finest. While trying to decide what to do with my huge album collection, I came across their album, 'Mother Factor' and wondered what had happened to the them. I gave the internet surf and it appears that they are still rocking and rolling to fans all over the world who still support them.

When we close our minds to experience different things in life, we miss out on everything. While growing up I had so many experiences that shaped who I am and I hardly ever excluded anything from it, to include listening to Rock music. Whatever music that was created, we listened to it. 

Mother's Finest is one of those groups that was greatly under appreciated by a lot of people, but is greatly appreciated by true music lovers who don't look at outward appearances.

Joyce Kennedy is the lead singer of this group which hails from Atlanta, GA and she's still as beautiful as ever. Ask any man over 40 if they remember Joyce Kennedy. I'm sure they will and I'm sure they had one of her album covers on their walls. She may be a little older now but she still rocks and has the voice that can still hold a note.

Check out Mother's Finest and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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Bird said...

I saw them about '74 -'75, again in the early-to-mid '90s, and again on March 15, 2112. Their music defies categorization, unless that category is "Great". I highly recommend the album, "Black Radio Won't Play This Record".


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