Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Am Legend: Actress Paula Kelly

Along with my mother, my sisters and the thousands of women who I saw in the media who looked like me and even those who didn’t, I was never without an array of positive images to choose from while growing up and Paula Kelly stood out because of her beauty and presentation. She was and still is beautiful. She could dance. She could act. And yes, she could sing too.
Today we hardly celebrate the women who are in “full bloom,” these women are in the prime of their lives and just like them, I’m glad to still be here celebrating and living my life like it’s golden. The media tends to ignore them and just like the media, many of us do the same thing. Just because a woman is no longer in her ’20s and ’30s doesn’t mean that she should be ignored and not celebrated.
To celebrate them means that they still exist. Thank you Paula Kelly for being such a positive influence with your talent, beauty and grace. Elegance Personified!


Anonymous said...

After all these years, I just saw "The Spook Who Sat by the Door" (1973) with its fairly substantial role ("the Dahomey Queen") by Paula Kelly. I was "blown away." Kelly stole every scene she was in--even opposite the very intense and charismatic actor Lawrence Cook. Her performance--in fact her presence in itself--is one of the very best things about this very good movie. Researching her career online I'm not surprised to learn she is a trained dancer. In "Spook" she acts just as much with her body as with her voice. I hate cigarettes but it was WONDERFUL to see how she uses them as an extension of her character. And her vocal inflections on such lines as "I'm black, aint' I?" are beyond subtle. Kudos. I'm going to check out some of Kelly's other movies. Although (IMO) she's not as conventionally pretty as Tamara Dobson or Pam Grier, she's just as much a contribution to the "blaxploitation" (I hate that misleading term) genre of the 1970s. craig s., Wash DC

Anonymous said...

Dear. Ms. Kelly.
I. Watch. A lot. Of. Movies from. The. Late
60's. And. Early. 70's . You were. A. Trailblazer
In that time. Thank you. For your positive
Strong. Black women. Roles. You will always
be SPECIAL in all our Lives. God. Blesd you.
Dia j.


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