Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who's Got Style: Lindiwe Suttle

For those of us who truly love women from all walks of life, especially those who put the 'S' in style, one can add Lindiwe Suttle to the mix. I've been a fan of her Mom's ever since I first saw her on an episode of Oprah, so we know where she gets her sense of style from and Lindiwe is a beautiful style icon in her own right. Lindiwe has the basic elements of real style: intelligence, charisma, talent, an array of impressive accomplishments and to top it all off, total individuality. Lindiwe is also the face of Woolworth's beauty campaign, "Come Together."  Lindiwe, like other stylish women around the world are proving to be the embodiment of international style worth taking notes from. Check out her latest video from her new CD, "Man Made Moon." To learn more about this fabulous woman, click here.

Photos: ELLE South Africa/Woolworth's

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