Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preserving Our Image: Artist Carlos Spivey

I first fell in love with Carlos Spiveys beautiful artwork when I visited The Essence Music Festival a few years ago. Any woman or man who creates positive imagery of our beauty is all right with me. His images are beautiful in their depiction of our beauty and to me that says that he loves and appreciates who we are as human beings.

His artwork transcends the optical limitations of this world with images of dignity that reflect the cultural diversity of African people in a modern, traditional and even cosmic context. He says that he is an Ancient Futurist and  paints stories, Afro Centric tales of love and loss on this physical and on the spiritual plane. Parables with universal themes that reflect a spirit of hope and perseverance. His stories are filled with love, beauty and sacred totems.

Here is another one of our best creative minds whose beautiful works of art should be gracing your walls. His mosaics are to die for and believe me if I had the money I'd have him create a mosaic in my bathroom. You can find more about this brilliant man and to purchase his collection here.

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