Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Woman You Should Know: Brazilian Poet Elisa Lucinda

The cover of her number one bestseller: Parem de Falar Mal da Rotina (Stop Talking Little Routine)

"Education, coupled with the desire, generates the possibilities." Our revolution is only educational. Education is going to change everything." ~Elisa Lucinda

On this blog I do my best to highlight the women of the African Diaspora who live throughout the world that many of you may not see in magazines and in other blogs unless you speak the language. My father always taught us that no matter where we (people of African descent) lived in the world, we are still family in the truest sense connected by our shared heritage. And I personally believe that language and culture should no be the determining factor as to how and why we interact with each other.With this said I now present to you well known Brazilian poet, actress and activist, Elisa Lucinda.

Elisa Lucinda Gomes dos Campos, is a poet, journalist, singer and actress in Brazil who uses her position to raise awareness to the disparities in educational opportunities in her native Brazil. Elisa knows that words are powerful, so powerful that she learned to master and utilize the full potential of this tool which became the raw material of many of her poems, essays, dramas, and also an efficient instrument of seduction. Elisa works tirelessly to ensure that all Brazilians, especially the children who live in the favelas are included in the transformation of society through education and awareness. Elisa conducts poetry writing workshops at her Escola Lucinda de Poesia Viva.

Photos: RAÇA BRASIL/Leya Publishing Group

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